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No doubt, you've also heard the news or read it across the crawl on the screen:  the latest study praising the Atkins diet and its positive health benefits.

I guess everything's fine except for one teensy weensy problem.

The study was paid for by the Robert C. Atkins foundation in New York City

That anyone treated this as news is yet another smear on the profession of journalism.  Remember that the next time some news site/source reports something that seems strange.

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Finish what ya started

He's at it again.  Josh Marshall begins by doing something I've done here on occasion, ridiculing Tucker Carlson:

Marshall: Not that I want to bash Tucker Carlson. But can you read the following exchange from Tuesday night's Crossfire and not think Tucker's antics are silly and grade-schoolish? Even for Crossfire?

CARLSON: Now I noticed that Al Gore, people say he's changed a little bit. I've noticed a change. I didn't understand it until I read Time Magazine this week, a long interview with Mr. Gore in there with Karen Tumeltee (ph).
Here's the explanation. I'm quoting now. "Both Tipper and I have meditated for quite a while."
Tell me more about that.
KIKI MCLEAN: It means he actually stops to think about what happened...
CARLSON: No, no, truly.
MCLEAN: ... and think about what he says.
CARLSON: Is it -- I know, but you worked for him.
MCLEAN: It is, Tucker?
CARLSON: But no, no, hold on. This is a fair question. Is it Lotus position, incense...
MCLEAN: Tucker, Tucker...
CARLSON: What does he mean by that?
MCLEAN: Do you ever say a prayer? Do you ever give a thought to something you did during the day?
CARLSON: I do. I'm talking about meditation, and that's distinct from prayer. He said, "We meditate, we pray."
MCLEAN: I am willing to bet...
CARLSON: What's the meditation?
MCLEAN: I'm willing to bet, if you asked your pastor, if you asked a rabbi, if you asked a priest...
CARLSON: We're not talking about a pastor. We're talking about Al Gore.
MCLEAN: They'll tell you that prayer and contemplation is meditation.
CARLSON: It is Lotus position?
Marshall:  Okay, maybe Junior High ...

Good point, Carlson's a dweeb.  Too bad Marshall left off the very next sentence, put forth by his fellow lefty* Paul Begala:

        Nobody has ever accused George W. Bush of thoughtful meditation...

If that's not below junior high, at best it's the lowest grade therein (taking into account that girls are more mature at that age).


 *(suck on it, Tapped, you're a bunch of leftists & I refuse to bastardize the word 'liberal' to fit your emotional needs, you pissed away your lock on that word long ago)

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Gee, where have I heard this?

Stephen Braden, professor of public speaking at Georgia State University, restates the overall theme of this site, Zell Miller for the last year, and countless people around the country.

If Democrats repair their image, then they need to focus on some policy issues. The strategy of hurling ad hominem attacks and left-wing invectives does not seem to be working. The policy agenda seems to be race-baiting, obstructionism and fear-mongering. As an example, everyone in this country knows that Social Security needs to be reformed, and no one believes that the GOP wants to starve older Americans. Have Democrats nothing new?

If the party cannot construct a cogent, consistent platform that is more than class-warfare, asset-redistribution and fear, then it may truly be lost.

Of course, the crowd that was aghast at the advice given after Walter Mondale's Dance Party (otherwise known as Paul Wellstone's memorial service) - advice being that it was a huge mistake to politicize such a tragedy & that immediate condemnation of the overall premise of the attitude therein and an immediate apology - will treat this as more sacrilege and demand that the party simply didn't go far enough in the stated actions, so as to differentiate themselves from the GOP.

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"Free day"

I'm a health nut & my diet (the classical definition, not 'starving yourself') is one that includes 6 meals per day - all healthy.  However, today I encourage everyone to eat the crappy food at McDonald's, as they'll donate money to a good cause from each purchase.

On November 20, 2002, a visit to McDonald's will bring extra value to the lives of millions of children in need around the world. That's the day participating McDonald's restaurants in more than 100 countries will unite together for a history-making fundraising initiative called World Children's Day™, benefiting Ronald McDonald House Charities® (RMHC®) and important local children's causes.

While specific fundraising programs vary by country, McDonald's® restaurants share a single goal: to join with customers in a global effort that will make a difference for children in their communities and around the world.

"The value of World Children's Day goes far beyond the millions of dollars that will be raised to help children," said McDonald's Chairman and CEO Jack Greenberg. "It brings the world's attention to the ever increasing needs of children, and the role we must all play in a ffecting positive change."

McDonald's has a rich heritage and tradition of being a good community partner and neighbor, and World Children's Day exemplifies the philanthropic spirit of McDonald's founder, Ray Kroc, who believed in giving back to the communities McDonald's serves. This year would be Ray Kroc's 100th birthday.

If you want the gov't to stop being the primary venue for mandating that you have your property confiscated under the name of helping the poor & instead want local charities & churches to be the first option - with the safety net being there when nothing else is - here's your chance to put your money where your mouth is.


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Safire comments on the latest news surrounding his level of sickness.  I must admit, while other folks were checking out Encyclopedia Brown books in the library in the 4th grade, I was reading up on JFK & his assassination.  I have no idea why a 10 year old would be interested in a President who died 4 years before he was born, but if anyone's that warped - you guessed it, it's surely me.  Why I know the names "Mark Lane" and "Cyril Wecht" from memory scares ME, too (besides my wife).

Like a lot of people, I saw Oliver Stone's movie on the subject & like most, I thought Stone was a conspiratorial crank.  However, based on the numerous books I've read on the subject (not a few are completely 'out there' & are simply folks trying to make a buck off his death by making outlandish claims), I simply cannot fathom how anyone would accept the official governmental version of the assassination.  Perhaps that's when I first came to distrust the government (which is a good thing, btw), but the single bullet theory is about as ridiculous as it gets, IMO.

The famous "back and to the left, back and to the left" scene from the JFK movie is easily the most damning evidence against the single bullet theory (which was first manufactured by Arlen Specter, btw), and the government's best explanation is muscle reflection in the opposite direction?  Sorry, I don't buy it.  Even though much of the rest of the movie is forgettable, the Zapruder film finally being shown to a large number of people illustrated how the government's 'investigation' was for the most part a sham.

Make no mistake, Oswald was more than just a 'patsy' and definitely shot JFK.  The much discussed photo of him holding the gun, which theorists say was a doctored photo, was authentic & confirmed by Oswald's wife.  If nothing else, Oswald shooting officer Tippet (why do I remember these names?  Curses!) would be a red-flag that he was more than an innocent bystander.  However, I've read too many accounts of witnesses who stated that the Warren Commission changed their testimonies and/or coerced them to say something different, and way too many people who immediately heard shots from the grassy knoll to ignore that as a point of where another shooter killed the president. 

Why was he killed?  I haven't a clue, but there's not a single cell in my brain that thinks Lee Harvey Oswald took three, and only three, shots on 11/22/63.  The last piece of tangible evidence was buried with John Connelly (another name I shouldn't recall) after his widow refused to have an autopsy compare the bullet fragments in his body with those from Oswald's gun.

Thus, we're left with jokes from Seinfeld to illustrate the absurdity at our 'official' governmental investigations into the assassination of our elected leader.

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Give 'em hell, Zell

Zell Miller hits yet another homer.  Dunno where this guy was when he was governor, but I'm very glad he's my senator!

Why did the Democratic Party lose so badly?

It's simple. We didn't give people any real reason to vote for us and we gave them far too many reasons to vote against us. We set ourselves up to be taken down by a popular president who figured out a way to exploit both of those weaknesses.

Look at what the campaign became in its last week, played out live on the evening news. First, we saw President Bush, flying from state to state urging Congress to make his tax cut permanent and to create his homeland security department, and accusing Democrats of foot-dragging or outright opposition to both. Then we saw Bill Clinton and Al Gore, flying from state to state, urging the old Democratic base to get out and vote against Mr. Bush . . . or in the case of Florida, against two Bushes.

At a time when people are hurting, we Democrats some how managed to turn an election that should have been about making people's lives better into a grudge match between our aimless opposition and Mr. Bush's vision.

We lost the Senate, big. Why? To start with, we didn't get anything done. After all the noise in the 2000 presidential election, we still don't have a prescription-drug plan. More than a year after the terror of Sept. 11, we still don't have a Department of Homeland Security. Nearly two years into an economic downturn, we still don't have a clear economic agenda, and even when we're not opposing tax cuts outright, our party still doesn't have a clear position on tax relief.

It's hard to run on your record when you don't have a record. And it's hard to run on your vision when you don't have a vision.

All we got in the end was the blame.


America is the most tax-averse country on earth. Our own revolution started with people tossing tea off boats in Boston Harbor because of high taxes! Being a party that opposes tax cuts is not good politics, anywhere, any time. Like it or not, that's what we've become.

Instead of arguing that Mr. Bush's tax cut goes too far, we Democrats should be arguing that it doesn't go far enough. Middle-class families need more tax relief now as America faces an economic threat we haven't seen since the 1930s--the threat of deflation.

The Federal Reserve has already cut interest rates to the lowest levels in 40 years, and there's not much more it can do. This country needs a massive economic stimulus now, before we head down the road of falling prices, falling wages and falling home values. There is a way out and it works. Let's cut taxes for individuals and business even more, right now.

Right on, Zell.
However, right now, advice like that to your current party is akin to pissin' in the wind.
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Political Alzheimer's?



Conservatives who defend Augusta should really tell us whether they think it's right -- forget legal -- for a large country club that hosts a major national sporting event to exclude women.


So, the law is secondary now, eh?

It just seems like yesterday that we were treated to Janet Reno telling us that no investigations were necessary into Bill Clinton & Al Gore's illegal fundraising schemes without 'specific and credible evidence' (interpreted as such by her, of course) and various lefties admonishing us that Clinton really didn't meet the necessary legal criteria for perjury in a court of law, but suddenly we 'conservatives who defend Augusta' according to the law should now follow our conscience & forego the law.

Funny, I don't recall too many leftists who attack Augusta asking Clinton to voluntarily resign.

However, I'll openly say that whatever Augusta wants to do is okay by me.  It's called freedom of choice & freedom of association.  I'm not supposed to care what adults consent to do, as long as it's legal, right?  That's what YOU guys said throughout 1998, and suddenly you want to change course when it's - surprise! - politically advantageous.

On the other hand, maybe you folks have been drinking from the same champagne that Shannon Faulkner had the night before enrolling in the Citadel - only to drop out less than a week later.  Thanks for another reminder of how much you want big brother into our lives, guys.


For a complete and total smack down on this subject, visit Steve Verdon's site right now.

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The pen is mightier

Since the election is now history, I'll slowly stop doing this so much, but I couldn't resist another edition of more letters to the AJC:

Sonny Perdue has been elected, so let the racism begin! It never ceases to amaze me how Georgians put so much value in a flag that portrays hate, oppression and one of the most horrific times in our country, but can ignore the fact that Georgia has the worst education system in the country, a major unemployment problem, a massive homeless population and a very high crime rate.
Southerners are quick to ridicule the media, Hollywood, etc., for portraying them as backwoods, illiterate, country bumpkins, yet they leave themselves open to just that kind of treatment when they elect officials who condone racism and ridicule of an entire race of people.
KATHY LAND, Mableton

Kathy Land is amazed that folks would vote out leaders of a state that has, in her own words - mind you,  'the worst education system in the country, a major unemployment problem, a massive homeless population and a very high crime rate.'  Hey, they only had 130 years to straighten things out, but the racists weren't patient, eh?  Personally, I'm amazed that Kathy Land decided to illustrate her ignorance and stupidity by sending a letter to the editor.  Looks like knee-jerk bed-wetters aren't the sole propriety of the north.

Does anyone else see the double standard of many in the Republican Party? If the shoe were on the other foot, Republicans and their supporters would be crying foul if so many legislators decided to switch to the Democratic Party.
Now we have a new governor openly handing out gifts to those willing to tip the balance of power in his party's favor. Some are even calling his tactics "politics at its best." Why, then, were the past maneuverings of the Democrats so often labeled "politics at its worst?"

Two words for Mr. Causey - Jim Jeffords

I don't see why anyone should have a problem with someone switching to a different political party after an election. If you aren't voting for the person, you are missing the whole point of the voting process.
In the recent election, I ended up voting for candidates who held my beliefs more than for a party affiliation. My votes went to all three of the parties, depending on the race and the person running. Whether that person changes parties after the election shouldn't change that person's positions on why he or she was elected.

Sorry, but folks must also take the party in to account.  In a perfect world, party affiliation wouldn't matter, but when you have President Bush campaigning for various pols, with the main intention of having voters send his preferred candidates to D.C. in order for them to work with HIM should the GOP have the majority, it means more than just a vote for 'the person'.

Seeing President Bush's photo-ops at Arlington National Cemetery for Veterans Day reminded me of how Bill Clinton was vilified by conservative Republicans as a draft-dodger unfit to lay a wreath on a veteran's grave.
Hmmm. We all know that Bush weaseled out of Vietnam through the Texas Air National Guard and that Dick Cheney had other priorities. The latest chicken hawk to roost with this heroic group is Saxby Chambliss, who claimed a bad knee.
They wouldn't fight for the United States then, but they will send others to die for Exxon/Mobil, BP/Amoco, Texaco and Chevron now? The agenda, and the hypocrisy, are transparent.

Memo to Judy: Bill Clinton was vilified by conservative Republicans as a draft-dodger because he was a draft dodger.  This is for all those mindless people out there:  Clinton received a draft notice and lied in order to stay away from service.  He was drafted.  Learn  to love it.  That Judy Jascomb is the latest moron to castigate folks like Chambliss as 'chicken hawks' when a deferment means the military DID NOT WANT THEM at that time, whereas their hero Clinton was drafted.  Chambliss didn't 'claim' a bad knee, the army gave him a physical and found him to be physically unfit to serve at that time.  Tell us about hypocrisy, Judy Jascomb, as we laugh at your lack of lucidity.

I've long said that the GOP is the stoopid party, but lately I'm starting to wonder about the idiots on the left taking the mantle away as they make asses of themselves over the 'chicken hawk' thing.  Should someone remind them they lost rather badly on 11/5?

Funniest letter of the week:

Here is a solution to the flag problem, and for that matter all political problems in the state. Because Georgia is practically two states -- metro Atlanta and the remainder of the state -- why not just let the liberal cesspool known as Atlanta keep flying King Roy's flag and secede while reinstating Milledgeville as the state capital for Georgia and fly either the pre-1956 or post-1956 flag?
"The Big Guy" (Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor) can be governor of the state of Atlanta, and Gov.-elect Sonny Perdue can be governor of the state of Georgia. That way, you socialites and you transplanted Yankees can have your politically correct state, free from anything that offends you.
ALEX BRETCH Statesboro

LOL!  Of course, the outcome would be the 'outer' Georgia moving up the list of SAT scores, while the 'inner Georgia' would fall below Washington, D.C., into 52nd place.


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Minori-(D) Urban Legend Update

Keeping up with the distortions and excuses that have come from bloody-Tuesday.

In the Senate, the gnashing of teeth is the sound most heard. Democrats are gathered around the wheelchair of Max Cleland of Georgia, a triple amputee from Vietnam service who was turned out of office by a Republican draft-dodger -- C. Saxby Chambliss had four deferments for a trick knee -- who accused him of a want of patriotism. - Mary McGrory
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Michael Kinsley gets the 'climb down from the cross, we need the wood' award

Check out these quotes & see if you can get the point Kinsley is trying to make:

I remember Ma Richards and Al Gore underestimating Bush, as well.  More recently, Terry McAuliffe.

Keep it up...

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Stick a fork in him

Single payer health care?

Let's go back in's 1993, and the Democratic party has control/majority of:

Now, fast forward to November, 2002.  In between the period referenced above and today, the Democratic party has now lost control/majority of:

What do you do with this information?  Well, if you're Al Gore, you decide to go to the far LEFT as fast as you can!

Goodbye, Al.

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Today's entry of how the minori-D's are trying to spin the blood bath of 2002:

"...the reality is that after these elections there was no water shed event. The country is closely divided. The Congress is closely divided. Fifty-two percent of all Americans now live in a state where there is a Democratic governor."
 - Rep. Bob Menendez (D-NJ)

And it was only two years ago that we were told that the red/blue map references to the square miles won by Bush were irrelevant!
Ya reckon California has something to do with that figure?
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Yet another great moment in public education (otherwise known as government schools)

It's daughter began kindergarten at our nearby public school in August.  Last year, she went to a private pre-k, but that was when I had my great paying job, before 9/11 took it from me, forcing me to take a huge pay cut, just one more reason for me to hate those, sorry, back to the less than two months our beloved educators have taken it upon themselves to have a second fundraiser for 'needed items' for the school.  They waive the proverbial carrot in front of the kids by offering $300 in prizes for the top seller.

Now, I'm not going to complain about government schools right now on a personal level, as my kid is doing fantastic & the teacher is top-notch.  However, I remember back in the 70's when I was in elementary school (lord, I'm old....) they used to do the same thing - mo' money, mo' money, mo' money.  It was a perpetual fundraising machine and in my neighborhood it never stops - kids stopping by every two weeks selling me a $2 candy bar that I can get at the grocery store for 75 cents or a bucket of popcorn for $15 (which is almost cheaper than what I can get it at the movies, instead of sticking a bag in the microwave for a quarter).

Thus, I decided to give  my wife a speech that was similar to the one I heard my father give my mother back in 1977:

"Tell Miss ______ that I said our job as parents are to have a well behaved child that learns what is presented to her - well, we're doing more by paying above-average property taxes and having a child that is extremely well behaved and easily the most intelligent one in the class, according to every test score thus far.  Their job as a school is to educate.  Julia's job as a student is to stay out of trouble and learn.  Nowhere in that equation is there to be a section where you're supposed to drive Julia around town so she can be an inside salesperson, performing cold-calls & knocking on doors.  Thus, Julia is to never bring another sales pamphlet home as there won't be a third fundraiser in this household."

If the schools need more money (and they always do, even when the computer lab has > 30 brand new PCs), perhaps a revisit to the $80K-$120K human resource managers in the administration of county school system could take a peek at where the taxpayer dollars are allocated, instead of looking to hire more $28K teachers, eh?

If you want uniforms for the cheerleaders, sell me some doughnuts.  If a trip to football camp in South Carolina is planned, count me in for some candy.  A field trip to the capitol?  I'm in.

However, it's rather pathetic that they pimp kids in order to get even more cash for shinola that I'm already paying for via property taxes & a local sales tax.

Let's hope Governor-elect Perdue can address the situation of education & have the schools TEACHING children, instead of non-stop fundraisers & pathetic test scores.

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And now, a word from the winners

Referencing an earlier edition of letters to the AJC from the adolescent losers (read: whining donkeys), here's a couple of responses from the victors.  Note the difference in tone from the childish 'chicken little' crowd, who felt shame towards anyone who didn't agree with them:

Enough whining and calling the electorate of Georgia ungrateful for not returning Max Cleland (D-Ga.) to the U.S. Senate.
For his sacrifice in the service of his country, he is entitled to our gratitude. He has mine. This does not, however, entitle him to a seat in the U.S. Senate. To continue to serve in the Senate, he must satisfy his constituents, which he obviously did not.
JAMES H. ADAMS, Alpharetta
Many recent letters have expressed the shame of losing Max Cleland as our senator simply because he is an honorable war hero, disabled veteran, etc. These writers are obviously missing the point of our election.
Few Georgians are not thankful for the devoted military service of Sen. Cleland. This was not, however, an election for greatest patriot. It was instead a vote to elect a senator who will go to Washington and speak the will of the average Georgian.
The success of Saxby Chambliss expresses simply the dissatisfaction that the majority of Georgians have felt with Cleland's voting record. As the voters demonstrated, Chambliss is the senator who best recognizes the sound goals of our fine state.

Conversely, here's a word from a current constituent of Cynthia McKinney, soon to be represented by Denise Majette

With the latest party switch by three Democrats, the Georgia Republican Party is surely now the party of the white man -- and the women who stand by them. In a way, it is hard to blame a conservative, white, male Democrat for changing to a party of his peers. After all, can anyone name a Georgia politician who is Republican and black? No one seems bothered by that.

For those of you who wondered how in the world someone could've ever vote for McKinney (or the AJC editorial staff, who endorsed her five times), the above give you just a short illustration into the mindset of the average McKinney voter and the attitude towards...well, the W-H-I-T-E-S.


At what point am I supposed to begin to listen to the Democrats & their ideas of how to make my state or the country better, in contrast with the Republicans (let's face it, the LP, GP & RP are powerless), instead of acting like a bunch of spoiled brats who didn't get their way?

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No data, no links, just yelling...

This is part of the reason "politics" (the entity) is so screwed up.
I know why the donkeys won't address the issue - unions
I know why the GOPers won't address the issue - embarrassment to the administration

What is it going to take for heads to f_____g roll at the INS?

Need I remind Bush/Ashcroft (that's where this goes, the INS reports to the AG, who reports to the Prez) that our wonderful employees at the INS allowed several hijackers into the country illegally?  Need I remind anyone that the sniper (the teen & his mom) were illegal aliens?

Why hasn't anyone been fired?  Not given a verbal warning, or 'written up' or transferred or demoted or whatever, but F-I-R-E-D?

I'm glad we're about to get the homeland security department & that the Prez won the battle over the union vs. the right thing (so long, Sen. Cleland).  I'm glad Tom Ridge will finally be able to do something for the salary we're paying him.  What I'd like to know is, besides why we havent @#%&ing addressed illegals getting across our borders, but why haven't we done anything about the obvious @#$& ups that have already taken place?

What is it going to take?

Another round of deaths?  Will that do it?  I thought 9/11 would begin the process, especially since O'Reilly has been on the topic for years - but, no.  Nothing.  I thought the discovery of the sniper's identity would at least get some suit in Seattle bounced for overruling the law and allowing those pissants to stay - but, no.  Nothing.

Like most of the country, I support the president and his active role in maintaining the defense and protection of our country.  But, I won't be satisfied until I read about the removal of at least some peon field agent, some clerk, some pencil pusher, some administrator, some supervisor, some attorney general....someone!  Sitting on our asses, wondering who'll win 'the bachelor' & enjoying the poll numbers while not upsetting the various 'communities' instead of clamping down on illegals entering our nation is part of the reason the 9/11 hijackers were able to spend the late 90's and early '00s devising their plans to hit the 'infidels'.

Instead of giving bonuses and glowing reviews to the people who approved their entry, how about we @#%&ing fire them, okay?

I hate to break up the celebratory party from the election but I don't think that's not too much for me, just another taxpayer that gave your party votes in the historic turnaround in Georgia, to ask.



-------- AUTHOR: Ricky DATE: 11/14/2002 09:13:00 PM ----- BODY:

Moronous Epitomous

The babies are still crying and our local embarrassment, Jay Bookman, is at it again.  No, he's not opining about the administration trying to create a world empire, with Bush serving as grand-poobah a-la Lex Luthor...he's decided that he's figured out why Republicans ousted the donkeys after 130 years of rule.

You guessed it:  redneck racism

Let's have a look-see, shall we?

It's the political version of "Who shot J.R?" Who gets credit for bringing down Roy Barnes?  Was it teachers, whom Barnes angered by suggesting they were to blame for Georgia's abysmal schools? Was it white rural voters outraged when Barnes stripped the Confederate battle emblem from the state flag?  Was it opponents of the controversial Northern Arc? Or did Barnes just fall prey to a general Republican surge in Georgia?

Sadly, the answer is the flag wavers. The numbers are incontrovertible.

Yup, all those Democrats who were ousted was the rednecks.  The numbers are incontrovertible.

In his 1998 race for governor, Barnes carried the 10 counties in the Atlanta Regional Commission by 6.8 percentage points and the rest of the state by almost 10 points. In 2002, his margin in metro Atlanta increased to 7.7 points. His margin in other metro areas -- Savannah, Macon, Columbus and Augusta -- was also around 8 points.  But in the rest of Georgia, Barnes lost this year by 15 points, an astounding 25-point decline from his performance just four years earlier.

Now, a statistician would note that the previous opponent, Guy Milner, had run three state-wide races in his career and was a three-time loser, thus causing Mr. Bookman's analysis to be what is called in the trade an "invalid sample" - much like saying that Bush 41 losing all those votes in '92 having nothing to do with the fact that Bill Clinton was a much better candidate against him than Dukakis -  but this is Jay Bookman we're talking about.  Apples are now equal to oranges.  Remember, the numbers are incontrovertible.

It is hard, almost impossible, to attribute that decline to anything but anger at the flag change. A look at Zell Miller's two campaigns for governor confirms that analysis.  In 1990, Miller carried the Atlanta metro area by just two-tenths of a percentage point, but won the rest of Georgia by 14 points. In 1994, after trying but failing to change the flag, Zell's margin here in the metro area increased to 4 points. But his 14-point margin in the rest of the state all but evaporated, making his victory very narrow.

Again, a competent statistician would note the differing samples, where Miller won his first election campaigning on not only keeping the flag but promising not to raise taxes, then raising every fee for any liscense/certification (sometimes by as much as 600%) & claiming to keep the promise since a fee isn't a tax.  But, this is Jay Bookman we're talking about.  Apples are now equal to railroad cars.  Remember, the numbers are incontrovertible.  De rednecks hated Zell (even though he's the most popular politician in state history).

Those numbers also illustrate the growing political disconnect between metro Atlanta and the rest of Georgia. As the rest of the state swings Republican, the 10-county metro Atlanta region is actually trending the other way. If the governor's race is a guide, Democratic candidates carried the metro area by 0.2 points in '90, 4 points in '94, 6.8 points in '98 and 7.7 points in 2002.  Even Sen. Max Cleland carried the metro area in 2002.

Duh.  The red/blue county map and endless commentary discussing them have detailed the growing chasm of rural vs. urban America.  Is Mr. Bookman aware that just as many voters in John Linder's district will vote for anyone with an (R) next to their name, many metro-Atlanta voters will push the screen for only Democrats (even Cynthia McKinney)?  The question should be how those on the losing end should garner the support of those who voted against them, but we're still in 'blame the voter' mode, it appears.

The main beneficiary of rural anger against Barnes was of course Gov.-elect Sonny Perdue. He and many other Republicans wooed those angry flag-supporters with a promise to hold a statewide referendum, and Confederate groups responded.

Notice how the voters of Georgia outside the city of Atlanta are now labeled 'confederate groups'.

Now, however, Perdue is backing away from his pledge as quietly as possible. The governor-elect has publicly thanked the teachers for their support and promised to reverse many of Barnes' education policies; his campaign chairman has also promised to set up a meeting with opponents of the Northern Arc, to celebrate their mutual victory over Barnes.  But the flag? Well, let's just say that Perdue has yet to schedule an event with the Sons of Confederate Veterans.  The truth is -- and Perdue knows it -- putting the racially inflammatory flag question to a vote would inflict enormous damage on Georgia, both at home and beyond its borders.

I'm sure it'll be a divisive time in the state, but I wonder if it even dawns on Jay Bookman that Perdue hasn't been all over the flag issue after winning because it was never a top item of his campaign and was never the major issue of most of his supporters?  Here you have a writer saying how the flag was soooooo important to getting Perdue elected suddenly scratching his head about the sudden unimportance of the flag ----- within the same article!!!!

Taking such a step would be irresponsible. But Perdue also knows that breaking his promise would be political suicide, ensuring defeat in 2006. He knows the numbers, and he knows those people won't forget. If they haven't gotten over it in 137 years, they won't forget in another four.

Voters usually don't support people that campaign on one thing and do the opposite.  Barnes not wanting to change the flag in his first campaign is a very good example.  "Read my lips" comes to mind & Bush losing his base.  Clinton's 'middle class tax cut' also....oh, wait, many core Democrats nationwide don't really care to vote for outright liars anymore, do they?  (Gee, ya think that has anything to do with the Republican surge?)

In Perdue's dream world, a resolution calling for a statewide vote passes the Republican Senate this year but is buried in committee in the House, which is still controlled by Democrats. That way, he can claim he tried but was foiled by those dastardly Democrats.  But House Democrats may not be willing to rescue Perdue. State Rep. Tom Bordeaux, a Savannah Democrat, expressed that sentiment perfectly when he said he would make sure the new governor got the referendum he claimed to want.  "I'd stick it down their throat," Bordeaux said. ". . . He ran on giving people a right to vote. If Perdue doesn't file it, I will."

Give the candidate what he promised to address during his campaign?  Mr. Bookman has surely uncovered the political coup of the decade.  Jay Bookman-E-Coyote, genius.

Under different circumstances, it might be possible to sympathize with Perdue's plight, but not this time. He made a deal with the devil to get elected, and the devil wants his due.

Ah, so the GA voters (outside the city of Atlanta, of course) have advanced from 'confederate groups' to 'the devil'.  Are there still folks out there who wonder how in the world middle-America is coming to despise the elitism and smarminess displayed by many on the left (and thus smearing the left) more and more?

To them, I say "folks, grow up.  It's officially become pathetic".


-------- AUTHOR: Ricky DATE: 11/14/2002 06:59:00 AM ----- BODY:

And now, a word from the losers, pt II

The wailing and gnashing of teeth continue within letters of sorrow to the AJC:

Congratulations to the good people of Georgia on your successful campaign to keep away all those nasty folks living in the other 49. Georgia must be the only state that could elect such an embarrassing person over an effective and honorable Senate incumbent, a war hero, an inspiration to the rest of the country.
Your actions add the final exclamation point to the tale of why anyone outside of Georgia would choose water torture above moving (or even visiting) there. What's next? All your women in burqas?
BARRY BEDRICK, Philadelphia
We, the Georgia voters, should be thoroughly ashamed of ourselves. We threw aside a genuine patriot and war hero, Sen. Max Cleland, in favor of Rep. Saxby Chambliss, a draft-dodging chicken hawk who apparently had better things to do than fight in Vietnam.
It has been said that people get the government they deserve. Well, Georgia doesn't deserve Cleland. We deserve the facade of courage rather than the real thing. Will this be any consolation when our young men and women come home in body bags from President Bush's oil war?
I am really ashamed of the people of Georgia. No matter what party, voting Max Cleland out of office was a sacrilege. We, the voters, gave the Republican Party complete charge of this state. Are they going to find you a job?
My husband and I lost our jobs because the health insurance industry has basically left the state. The transferable skills have still left us unemployed after five months. Even if we do find a job, it is going to be between $8-$10 an hour.
We both have to find two jobs each to survive, as opposed to $295 a week unemployment. Neither one of us has ever collected unemployment. We would both prefer a job. We are both over 50.
There are no jobs to be had and no one wants to give us a chance to do something else. What are the options? Sell our home that we worked so hard for?
At 50-plus, it is really hard to work two jobs, plus I go to college. We are caught between a rock and a hard place.

As a side note, the maximum benefit for unemployment in GA is $285 per week, so Elizabeth Clarke either wasn't making much more than the $8-$10 per hour rate she was complaining about, or she's lying her ass off about she & her husband 'losing' their jobs.  That she's such a loon that she thinks it's the responsibility of the Democratic or Republican parties to find her and others jobs, is too stupid for me to discuss.

The GOP takeover of Georgia should not come as a shock to the Democrats. They did not have an alternative plan to the conservative agenda and thus deserved to lose.
Now is the time for a grass-roots effort to fight the following conservative policies that will be passed in some form over the next few years: prayer in school, the overturn of Roe v. Wade, tax cuts for the rich, an "investment" in defense, war, deficit spending, an erosion of civil liberties and civil rights, bigger polluting SUVs, the death of public transport and alternative energy, the return of the Confederate battle flag and further unemployment. That list only scratches the surface.
The Democrats didn't fight. It is a sad day.
Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses. They can all come up to our place. We'll hang out on the deck and fire up the tiki torches and have a group hug and sing "Michael Row the Boat Ashore" or some such lame thing, and then we'll all jump in the lake and drown ourselves.
We might as well. Tuesday was not a good day for huddled masses.
Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is obviously a bright and articulate man. It is unfortunate that his brother, the president, seems to be such an idiot. It surpasses human understanding that we could all come to love him so much for the two weeks of solid work he turned in after the Arabs flew the airplanes into the buildings.
I've had it with us Americans. You break my heart.
MIKE GRIFFIN, Gainesville

Are there any folks on the left who aren't crying the 'the sky is falling' blues?

For all those who complained about Sen. Paul Wellstone's memorial service becoming a "political rally," I offer these words: Wait until Ronald Reagan dies.
KEVIN DAWSON, Sunland, Calif.
Just wanted to let the people of Georgia know they have put a true Vietnam War hero and patriotic American out of office. Oklahomans are notorious for ignorance, but you folks win the prize this time.
Those who have fought and faced death for their country should be in charge of deciding when we go to war. Very few in Congress or the White House have held that distinction. The poor and the children of minorities will fight the wars!
God bless Sen. Max Cleland and all those who save peace for those of us who often don't deserve it.
MAX EDGAR, Oklahoma City, Okla.

Based on his criteria for decision making, Max is obviously not a Clinton voter.

So the Republicans have control of all three branches of government. Now let's see what they can do with it.
When the debt keeps getting higher, the unemployment rate keeps going up, the economy keeps going down, the rich keep getting richer, the poor keep getting poorer, the tax break goes to the top 1 percent and things get so bad that Republicans will try to borrow and spend their way out of it --- as did Reagan and Daddy Bush --- it won't work.
Then we will see cars covered with bumper stickers saying, "Don't blame me; I voted Democratic."
TOY ROPER, Atlanta
Feeling fear, shame for the first time
Wednesday has got to be one of the worst days in American history. I only hope the damage caused over the next two years can be contained and not have extreme, long-lasting effects. While I hope it is not true, I suspect that history will judge this election as infamous.
The recipe for destruction of civil liberties and the way of life as we know it has been brought to the stove; the dish of greed, arrogance, repression and hate is being prepared.
At 41, for the first time in my life, I am actually scared and ashamed of my government.





-------- AUTHOR: Ricky DATE: 11/14/2002 06:58:00 AM ----- BODY:

Updating the checklist

Amending an earlier post

-------- AUTHOR: Ricky DATE: 11/13/2002 01:16:00 PM ----- BODY:

Inside the Hollywood mind

Kelli Williams, who plays attorney Lindsay Dole on the television drama “The Practice" (which I watch) paid a visit to our good friend Mr. Donahue (who, on his November 6 show never mentioned the word "Bush").  A few comments were notable:

"And it’s about safety. It’s about keeping the guns out of the hands of children, criminals, mentally ill. It’s about having a data base to know who is safe and who is not. And it’s respecting people’s rights because we know that there is the far right. We know that they want their rights. And I think that they deserve their rights."

I'm sure I speak for everyone on the 'far right' when I say:  "gee, thanks".

DONAHUE: Let me understand your position, then. You-we can never ban guns. You can’t search every basement, every closet in the United States of America.
K. WILLIAMS: Sadly, no.


And a week without a Donahue smackdown just isn't right

You know, we registered cars and we register drivers...because we know that irresponsible use of that object can kill people.... same thing applies to guns. It shouldn’t quite be this difficult.

He's right, it shouldn't be difficult for Donahue to learn that unless we drive a car on a public highway, no registration is necessary.  Alas, it's much to difficult for Donahue and his ilk to understand private ownership and the bill of rights.

-------- AUTHOR: Ricky DATE: 11/13/2002 07:04:00 AM ----- BODY:

Didn't you just say that?

I wonder if Paul "Into the Wilderness" Krugman and Ellen "Into the Wilderness" Ratner have the same agent?

-------- AUTHOR: Ricky DATE: 11/13/2002 06:11:00 AM ----- BODY:

Will the wonders never cease?

Unbelievably, the AJC editorial staff actually encouraged the new governor & legislative body to redraw the gerrymandered districts that the state donkeys implemented in their effort to put a DNC majority within a conservative state.

Snip:    In a rush to build partisan advantage, a Georgia Legislature controlled by Democrats drew bizarrely shaped new legislative boundaries without regard to communities of interest or voter convenience. Voters got their revenge at the voting booth; well-known Democratic incumbents were booted, at least in part, because voters were alienated by a redistricting process that failed to consider them.

"They approved their rules for redistricting, then they had their public hearings before they even had maps," said Sally Fitzgerald of the Georgia League of Women Voters, a champion of reapportionment reform.

"It's difficult to respond when you didn't have the maps they were considering. They never went back to the public after the maps were drawn. Some of the uncomfortableness with the process," she added, "was expressed to some degree at the polls."

Republicans have the opportunity to avoid the overreaching of their Democratic predecessors and create a legacy of districts drawn solely in the public interest.


GA vs IA congressional districts.

Bravo, Cynthia!

-------- AUTHOR: Ricky DATE: 11/12/2002 01:01:00 PM ----- BODY:

And now, a word from the losers

Following the lead of Hogberg, here's how some of the fine folks in Georgia are handling things when they don't go their way.  I urge everyone to note the high-mindedness and the maturity put forth in their words:

Tuesday was a very sad day.

You sheep keep singing President Bush's praises. He is spending billions of our money to have one man murdered. He is spending millions more to settle a vendetta his papa started years ago. There is something wrong with this picture, and you Republicans just don't get it.

America hasn't seen terror like it is going to see terror because the world hates America because of the "Bushies." Our country is being terrorized because of the leader, and you Republicans just don't get it.


To all the "flaggers" who plastered the state with "Boot Barnes" signs: Yes, Gov.-elect Sonny Perdue said he supported a statewide referendum on the flag, but that doesn't mean it's going to happen.

Beating Barnes will seem like child's play when Perdue tries to go up against Coca-Cola, United Parcel Service, Delta, Georgia-Pacific and all the other major corporations who shudder at the thought of the economic damage bringing back the old flag would do to this state.

I believe all of you "flaggers" are about to find out what politics is really all about.





-------- AUTHOR: Ricky DATE: 11/12/2002 12:57:00 PM ----- BODY:

No use

I was gonna post (yet again) on the state of the DNC, but McGehee did it better than I could.

Snippet:  "In Alabama, the Democrats want a numerically impossible election result to be certified just so the incumbent governor, a Democrat, can be declared re-elected. In the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, letters deploring the outcome in Georgia give profound evidence of contempt for the notion that "democrat" means one who favors rule by the people.

On the question of race, the party which claims to be all for racial justice continues to regard black voters as their exclusive property even though no Democrat president ever appointed a black to be either Secretary of State or National Security Advisor. Even many Democrats are now conceding that the first black vice-president or president will probably be a Republican. Yet when even white liberals engage in racist attacks on black Republicans, the price they pay is chicken feed compared to what happens to a hapless D.C. bureaucrat or Carolina schoolteacher who dares even utter the word "niggardly.""


"My wife saw a David Letterman monologue in which he referred to some Democrat having said that the President and the GOP simply did better at articulating a message to voters. Letterman observed that it's a bad sign when George W. Bush is more articulate than you are. Well, he's said all along that being misunderestimated is part of his strategery."

-------- AUTHOR: Ricky DATE: 11/12/2002 07:01:00 AM ----- BODY:

Dewey defeats Truman

"No matter who controls the Senate, the House and the statehouses, America still has Harvey Pitt to kick around."
-  Joe Conason

Okay, it's obvious that this was penned prior to the blood bath on November 5th and donk water-carrier Conason was (as usual) wrong about his prediction that Pitt would still be around after the elections, but since the end of the article states:

This column ran on page 5 in the 11/11/2002 edition of The New York Observer

you gotta wonder if the folks at the NYO even have an editor, since Pitt turned in his resignation 6 days prior to the edition.  If the printed version were already printed (an iffy presumption, at best) you'd think that the on-line version would be updated.

That the article is titled "Bush Crowd Needs Pitt to Stay Put" only makes Conason look like a bigger assclown than normal.  I feel so bad for him.

-------- AUTHOR: Ricky DATE: 11/12/2002 07:00:00 AM ----- BODY:

Memo to Thomas Oliphant

Both parties played the redistricting game and trying to say the Republicans were more coy about it nationwide is more than disingenuous.  In Georgia, the Democrats only controlled both houses and the governor's seat for 130 consecutive years, so you'll forgive the GOP if their part in squeezing out the Democrats was somewhat small.  As a matter of fact, the person you can point to is primarily Roy Barnes, the soon-to-be ex-Governor.

He oversaw, and basically designed, the new "gerrymandered" districts, going from a 8/3 Republican advantage that the VOTERS decreed in '00 to a map where the population of Democrats to Republicans were higher in 7 of the 13 districts - in a state where Bush won 60% of the vote.

In the process, he drew Rep. Saxby Chambliss out of his own district, forcing him to choose between moving to a less Republican-hostile district or stay put and face a lopsided electorate from the freshly drawn map.  Instead, he chose to run for the U.S. Senate and the rest is history.  Likewise, the voters went against the plan that Barnes and the legislative bodies envisioned and instead sent a majority of Republicans to the U.S. house, despite the historical voting records that would've predicted otherwise.

So, one could say that without Roy Barnes' meddling with the districts, Saxby Chambliss would've run for re-election as a representative and the irate electorate might have decided against Sonny Perdue.  However, we'll never know, since Barnes decided to wield his power (is that what you considered to be an 'opportunity' that was 'blown'?) and attempt to force a Democratic majority down the Georgia voters' throats and ended up paying a painful price in the process.



-------- AUTHOR: Ricky DATE: 11/11/2002 09:29:00 PM ----- BODY:

Smart move, donkeys

*"What we are talking about here is needle exchange, not needle giveaway," said Pelosi speaking against the restrictive Hastert Amendment during floor debate. "Needle exchange doesn't increase the number of needles on the street. It decreases the number of contaminated needles in circulation."

*Reps. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) and Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) introduced H.R. 2212 on July 22 to require Secretary of Health and Human Services Donna Shalala to lift the ban on federal funding of needle exchange programs.

*On July 31, the House of Representatives passed welfare reform legislation by a vote of 328 to 101. Earlier that day, President Clinton announced that he planned to sign this harmful legislation into law.  I opposed this welfare bill.

*Pelosi is a wealthy member of the California House Caucus, her net worth having been pegged between $13.0 and $58.0 million.

*In the 1999-2000 election cycle, Pelosi raised approximately four hundred and ten thousand dollars, 68.5 per cent of which came from PACS. The ‘industry giant' that supports Pelosi is big labor. Her largest PAC contributor was the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, followed by the Machinists/Aerospace Workers Union, the Teamsters Union and the United Auto Workers. Breaking down her contributors by industry, the top four were, in order, Transportation Unions, Industrial Unions, Building Trade Unions, and Public Sector Unions.

*During that same election cycle, only 2.7 per cent of the money she raised came from those who gave less than two hundred dollars.



And recalling what happened to Bobby Knight, I'm sure everyone on the left would be quite comfortable with a picture of Newt Gingrich holding a bullwhip.


She's sure reach out to middle America, donkeys.

-------- AUTHOR: Ricky DATE: 11/11/2002 01:19:00 PM ----- BODY:

Why are we funding this shiznik?

Bill Moyers, former and current donk hack, is getting tax dollars for having a show that hardly anyone watches (like most left-wing shows) and his latest put forth this tripe:

"Way back in the 1950s, when I first tasted politics and journalism, Republicans briefly controlled the White House and Congress. With the exception of Joseph McCarthy and his vicious ilk, they were a reasonable lot, presided over by that giant war hero, Dwight Eisenhower, who was conservative by temperament and moderate in the use of power.

Yeah, that 90% tax on the upper income folks was a great example of 'moderate' governmental power, eh?

That brand of Republican is gone, and for the first time in the memory of anyone alive, the entire federal government -- the Congress, the executive, the courts -- is united behind a right-wing agenda...

Maybe someone should inform this drunk that there were folks alive in 2001, when the congress, the executive & the courts were controlled by the Republicans & Republican appointees.  After Jeffords jumped ship (smart move in retrospect, eh?) we went back to divided legislative branches.

...for which George W. Bush believes he now has a mandate.

Must be nice to read minds, since Bush didn't say anything about a mandate.  Is Moyers one of those folks running left-wing blogs?  If so, does Bush really want to run the world, via an American empire?

 That agenda includes the power of the state to force pregnant women to surrender control over their own lives.

Control over their own lives?  Does he mean control in the sense of surrendering their earnings, property, their children surrendered to government schools, 15% of their earnings being mandated by a government run Ponzi scheme?  Oh, he means a pregnant woman having the brains sucked out of their 8 month old 'cell tissue', and he decided to dress up the language so that it wouldn't sound so bad.  If anyone else knows about the 'right wing agenda' that folks ran on being an outright ban on abortion, I'd love to have the links, as the candidates were across the board.  Abortion is an issue open to debate, but hyperbolic statements like Moyers uses only points out that he'd rather cloud the issue instead of discussing.

 It includes using the taxing power to transfer wealth from working people to the rich.

Utter bullshit.  Left-wing lunacy at its finest, since every statistical piece of data shows that the government currently taxes disproportionately from the higher earnings brackets and distributes disproportionately to the lower earnings brackets.  That line is your typical Nader/Marxist 'worker' line, since Moyers tries to portray folks who are 'rich' as folks who aren't working.  Right out of Hillary's playbook, I might add.

 It includes giving corporations a free hand to eviscerate the environment and control the regulatory agencies meant to hold them accountable.

If anyone out there knows of any legitimate documentation that any politician ran on or plans to submit for a vote, anything that includes the claim Moyers just put forth - that the EPA will be transferred over to private corporate control - please speak now.  No?  More simple minded hyperbole from Moyers? 

 And it includes secrecy on a scale you cannot imagine.

You mean worse than the JFK assassination cover-up, where the President of the United States was killed and the governor of Texas was shot with a 'magic bullet', all controlled by a government run by Democrats?  Worse than the Gulf of Tonkin 'incident', created by LBJ?  Worse than Watergate? 

Tin-foil hats, anyone?

 Above all, it means judges with a political agenda appointed for life.

Hello, Ruth Bader-Ginsburg and Byron White!  Reckon the 9th circuit court played any role?

 If you like the Supreme Court that put George W. Bush in the White House, you will swoon over what's coming.

The voters put Bush in the WH, and the Supreme Court followed the law to the letter, bitch-slapping Moyers' fellow left-wing butt-buddies on the FLA Supreme Court.  In case Moyers didn't hear, the voters of Florida reaffirmed their approval by giving Jeb a landslide & giving Katherine Harris the official title of "congresswoman" and giving Bush the power to pass his USSC judges more easily.

And if you like God in government, get ready for the rapture.

Did someone tell God that he's permitted to be everywhere BUT Washington, D.C.?  As long as there is no state-sponsored religion, there's something called the first amendment, which allows folks to actually believe in a higher being, without having to apologize to little shits like Moyers who can't get a job in the private sector.

 These folks don't even mind you referring to the GOP as the Party of God.

Shall I quote from Joe ("glory be to God") Lieberman's speech after Gore announced his choice for veep?  Or maybe some of Gore's speeches from the pulpit?  Or maybe ask if the IRS investigated Jesse Jackson's presidential campaign that actually passed the collection plate around during a church service in Atlanta?

 Why else would the new House Majority Leader say that the almighty is using him to promote a Biblical world view in American politics?

Why would Moyers announce who the new House Majority Leader is when there *is* no new house majority leader, yet?  Dick Armey is retiring & they haven't had a vote, yet.

So it's a heady time in Washington, a heady time for piety, profits and military power. All joined at the hip by ideology and money. Don't forget the money. It came pouring into this election, to both parties, from corporate America and others who now expect the payback.

And 2002 is different than any other year, because.....?

 Republicans out-raised Democrats by $184 million...

Obviously, the preference is noted & was done by donations from citizens & biz, not by forced payments to fund things they don't want - like shitty PBS programs and goonion fees.

...and they came up with the big prize: monopoly control of the American government and the power of the state to turn their radical ideology into the law of the land.

Radical?  Folks can agree or disagree, but what issue is Jim Talent "radical" on?  What issue is Norm Coleman "radical" on?  What issue is Elizabeth Dole "radical" on?

Quite a bargain at any price.

Since the federal government is budgeted to spend over 2 trillion dollars next year, saying government is a bargain is quite a stretch, especially for a drunken hack.

Okay, who did Bill Moyers blow to get his funding?




Info via mrc.

-------- AUTHOR: Ricky DATE: 11/11/2002 06:08:00 AM ----- BODY:

Face it....  

...some people are just stupid.

Not only are they so stupid that they feel the need to send an e-mail to mediawhoresonline in order to let everyone else see how dim-witted they are should it be published, but I noticed that some loons were actually complaining about AOL having a caption of Bush on the main screen.  Gosh, I'm shocked that a President would be considered important.  Not surprisingly, the usual suspects thought it was yet another brick in the corporate media's conspiracy to inflict the right-wing on the country (yup, the latest reason the donks lost is that the media is - guffaw - right wing).

Which is a dandy conspiracy....

...except when you consider that AOL gave 76% of the $1,169,894 that they contributed to the donks.

Good lord, people, at least try make it difficult.

-------- AUTHOR: Ricky DATE: 11/10/2002 06:35:00 PM ----- BODY:

Man, am I glad this stupid bitch lost

From Kathleen Kennedy-Townsend-Moron (D - Racewhore, USA)

 ''If there had been a law against Saturday night specials, my father would be alive today ... and we would have had a much better world.''

I sometimes joke around, but this person actually thinks Sirhan-Sirhan would've adhered to the local firearms ordinance when he had no problems committing that lil' homicide infraction.  Y'know, when you can make the editors of mediawhoresonline look less ignorant, it's quite an accomplishment.

Kudos to the voters of Maryland, as well as Ehrlich, who nominated a top-notch black on his ticket, which outplayed the donks in MD as well as being one of the few people (it seems) willing to expand the base of the stoopid party.



-------- AUTHOR: Ricky DATE: 11/10/2002 06:32:00 PM ----- BODY:

Don't know what you've got 'til it's gone?

Thought I'd check out some money results & the McCain Feingold measure may not turn out to be all that great an issue for the donks in the long run.  Although they were able to run on it as an issue for quite a while, clubbing the GOPers over the head, Bush signed it into law (I think it's unconstitutional, but I'll let the legal scholars figure it out).

Did the donks think about what was going to happen?  Check out the latest info:

2001-2002 Election Cycle



Hard money

Soft money



$127,447,392 (39%)

$199,633,414 (61%)



$128,834,388 (42%)

$178,730,790 (58%)

Cash On Hand:


$8,099,344 (27%)

$21,833,635 (73%)





2001-2002 Election Cycle



Hard money

Soft money



$289,041,340 (57%)

$221,715,168 (43%)



$281,117,554 (57%)

$213,233,568 (43%)

Cash On Hand:


$27,852,912 (53%)

$24,930,861 (47%)




Look at the soft money figures for both parties (which is now illegal, according to the source).  The donks raised about $200 million & the GOPers raised about $223 million, a difference of about a third of what Gray Davis spent getting re-elected.  Okay, let's pretend (I know, it's folly) that the law will be obeyed...the "hard" money difference is about ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY-TWO MILLION DOLLARS, with the edge going to the GOPers. 

Contrary to the conventional wisdom, the donks were just as adept at getting soft money, while the GOP brought in the 'legitimate' donations from average Americans.  So, while it'll be illegal for Microsoft to donate $5,000 to the DNC or run a commercial near a vote, citizens & biz can still send $50 to support their preferred candidate - and according to the latest data, the choice is overwhelmingly the GOP.

As the people who were against CFR said all along, the incumbents and the media preferences will be the ones who will get their message to the public.  Well, now the GOPers are the incumbents and even though the press is slanted to the left (don't bother arguing this - yes, FNC is to the right, but the mainstream media is obviously left-of-center) their power is diminishing daily.

Other than abridging free speech, backing CFR could end up being one of the biggest tactical mistakes that the donks ever made.




-------- AUTHOR: Ricky DATE: 11/08/2002 06:26:00 PM ----- BODY:

Reason # 4,875 the lefty donks are out of step with mainstream America


Syria is on board with the US resolution pertaining to 'serious consequences' (read: war) if Iraq doesn't comply.

They aren't.

-------- AUTHOR: Ricky DATE: 11/08/2002 06:19:00 PM ----- BODY:

More hate from the left

Our man Alterman does it again:

"No question Karl Rove is a tactical genius. He drafted moderates into every contested race and threatened and cajoled the extra-chromosome set to stay away."

Nice, huh?

I can only assume that no one in his family has a child that is born with Downs syndrome.

After many displays where some on the left were unashamed to have anti-gay ads, anti-gay charges during debates, mocking Sullivan's HIV status, race-baiting during the final days of the campaigns and blue humor, we can now add trivializing birth defects in order to demean someone via political labeling to the ever growing list.

Eric Alterman = Jackass

UPDATE: Wow, we had rough weather in north GA last night, so that at least prepared me for the INSTALANCHE. Thx, Glenn.

UPDATE II: Welcome MSNBC readers. Nope, the "not the obvious, but the over-aggressive & possible mass murdering" extra chromosome excuse doesn't wash - actually, it's even worse - but I hope everyone is entertained, if not in agreement (that's what makes this country great). -------- AUTHOR: Ricky DATE: 11/08/2002 06:18:00 PM ----- BODY:


"Something is very wrong when a so-called national party cannot send its national chairman or its titular head or its Senate leader into a third of this country because they would do more harm than good by being there."

- Zell Miller (D-GA)



And we're being told from the blogging world that all would be better if they only went to the left.

-------- AUTHOR: Ricky DATE: 11/08/2002 06:17:00 PM ----- BODY:

Going down the checklist

What other requirement will now be created in order for the 'cowboy' to be accused of starting an illegal war?

-------- AUTHOR: Ricky DATE: 11/08/2002 07:28:00 AM ----- BODY:


Harold Ford, Jr., just announced on Imus that he was a candidate for Gebhardt's (Babs' spelling) job.  Ford is a favorite of NGD & he officially gains the endorsement of this site.  He's smart, bold, articulate and one of the best donks out there.

If they're smart, they'll choose him instead of a far-lefty from California (Pelosi).  donks, you'd be wise to go the way of Ford.

I can only wish that the GOP would do something like that, instead of saddling the party with that assclown Trent Lott (does ANY conservative like that guy?)

-------- AUTHOR: Ricky DATE: 11/08/2002 07:01:00 AM ----- BODY:

An open letter   

Dear Fellow Democrats:

I had the election predicted correctly long ago. 
I didn't need to do a seat by seat guess, as I knew we were headed for minority status.
Why didn't you start listening to me about 18 months ago? 
I told you that our leaders were the problem and were going to bring our party down!
I told you that the voters would make us pay!
I told you McAuliffe was the poster boy for what is wrong with our party.
I'm staying, but I suggest that you pay's not them, it's us (well, mainly it was you).



Senator Zell Miller (D - the no longer Democrat controlled state of GA)

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Bob Somerby is almost at laughingstock level, on par with Bob Herbert.  He used to be witty and cute with a phrase - now he's relegated to heading the Al Gore rehabilitation project and blaming the press for everything that goes wrong for his donks.  Then again, he's always secure as long as Molly Ivins and Jay Bookman are around.

For anyone else out there who is trying to say that Tuesday wasn't a 'rout' - put down the drugs.